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I’m gonna come into your house,
Go to your freezer,
& take all the sticks off your corn dogs.
Then shit on everything you love!

I never got that orbit gum commercial..

"Eat. Drink. Chew. Orbit!"

Why would I do anything but chew that shit?

I finally get it now tho!!

"Eat some stanky food. Chew orbit. Drink to much alcohol. Chew orbit. Need something to chew on? Yeaaah chew orbit.."

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.
"What you see and what you are shown are two different things. Perspective and perception… we need an open mind and good insight, in order to see the bigger picture. There is always much more underneath the surface. People build barriers over time, in order to protect their minds and to stop themselves being hurt. People forgive but they don’t forget. How a person acts… Who they are is usually due to conditioning. Everything happens for a reason. I know its difficult but try to live life in that other persons shoes, because nobody’s perfect but we all like to be understood. You will never find happiness being half in or half out, scared to commit. You can’t be someone’s other if you are not their friend first. You can’t expect to be taken seriously if you are always joking. You can never have a laugh if you are always serious. Communication works, silence only pauses. Highlight negativity in order to construct, and progress, always reinforce positivity, positively. Remember we are all human and many are just trying to live their lives. Tomorrow is another chance to learn, grow, and understand more about the people in the world we live in. I’ll see you there."
-ChakaBars (via kushandwizdom)

"I love you" meanings .

Ily - I don’t mean it enough to spell it.

I luv u -  I’m just gonna pretend there’s the letter U in the word love.. Cause im probably confused anyways.

I <3 u - We cool, but not like that real love shit.

Love ya - Ya, yeah, yeah.  You da best.

I love you - I, me, yess me as a person. I love your heart n soul .

I’d hide every chair in the world,
Just to have you sit on my face .

"I smoke too much. I drink too much. I fuck too much. Anything to avoid the thinking."
-(via xchloe)
"Well it started out with a twerk ton of heat, and a stripper pole length of fun ;)"
-texting my friend